I don’t want to take care this website

To be honestly, I am confusing should I still keep up make this website? You can just see lately updates from Insta (@digianagroup)

But I know, here little bit more archives you can check, please make your self.

I hate new language, fxxx programing, WordPress weird systems, paying system of other web make sites.  Oh men….

End of last year events, down here. I would clean these soon as archive. Soon new events come.

This is a not normal art or a digital art exhibition, but you can have some common feeling when you come to this show. When you swipe smartphone screen in your room alone but still feel want to connect to directly as human or analog existence, or if you have ever wonder about you and our life future direction in everyday digitalized updated world or even if you have experiences sometime don’t know how to explain your inner parallel dimension mind constructed by overdose digital information, this show is for you.

Please enjoy 8 artists of varietally show works, how to approach to explain nowadays human and digital intersection social practice, we also will do presentation show for sharing ideas with visitors. Even, you can enjoy bringing food & drink party; experience still not replaced by digital.

Opening Reception: Dec.2th 6pm (Presentation Show from 7pm)

Location: DigiAna Studio, 10-10 44th Ave #409, Queens, NY 11101

Exhibition date: Dec.2-22th (Precontact for visit)

Food & Drinks: You can bring your own and share.