We are DigiAna, non digital even analog.


If “Digital Art” means Artwork used by digital or new technologies, “DigiAna Art” means Artwork make think about relation between digital and nondigital. In future more AI can make great art works by itself then only human can do is redefinition about ourselves.

DigiAna Group consists of artists who deals with multi-sensory digital and analog media. The artists’ works focus on augmented reality and the cultural intersections between human-felt experience and a virtually-impelled world. Through virtual event, group performance, gallery show and lots format events, DigiAna Group creates a meeting place for viewers to enjoy and discuss these ideas. 2023 DigiAna Studio open at Long Island City, NYC.

Digital media and platforms are designed to blend into people’s lives just as knives and forks are designed to use for eating and blend into our lives. Everyone uses digital devices and platforms on a daily basis to share photos, videos, information and services nowadays.
Digi Ana Art aims to raise a question about connections, values, and lifestyles created by digital devices and media such as the Internet and SNS and redefine them. It is an experimental attempt to remove the role that digital devices and those platforms currently play in order to grasp the essence of the contents. Digi Ana Art can be said to be an art that represents our contemporary lifestyles and societies captured, destroyed, reconstructed, or created by the Internet and digital devices.