Randomness and Structuralism

7/15 From 4pm at DigiAna Studio, LIC,NY. During this time new @nigh solo exhibition, we would do conversation salon event. This theme is “Randomness and Structuralism”, digital algorism’s possibility of making accidental natural phenomena and question on current society direction; which is made by existentialism or structuralism?
Include @ and organizer @seungjin888, we try to invite join conversation guest, if you have interest in join please DM us.

You can also check past salon videos following.

In commemoration of artist Roman Kalinovski’s solo exhibition “Studies for an impossible portrait” in DigiAna Studio in NY, Roman and artist Seungjin Lee, Tommy Mintz gathered to discuss topic about “Relation between paint and digital”. Discussion was wide ranging from paint process to digital modernity.